The Best Student Offers, Vouchers & Daily Deals Websites

Author: Category: Saving Money Date: 3rd August, 2012

student discountAs a student you’ll find that saving money becomes a bit of an addiction. There’s a certain rush when you score a bargain or get a big discount – it can become a way of life! In this article we’ll cover the different websites out there that can help you save money on everything from toothpaste to dining out.

It’s important that you look on various different websites for savings and not just one. If you shop around and frequent lots of money saving websites you’ll obviously be able to claw back a lot more cash!

Student Beans

This website is really good for offers tailored especially for students, they’re always updating their website with new offers and coupons so make sure you check it out. It’s also worth signing up for the weekly newsletter that they run too – they send out details of their top offers each and every week.

Student Beans is a really good site to browse if you’re a student, it’s full of helpful articles as well as offers and discount codes.


Groupon is a great place to get a bargain. The idea behind Groupon is group buys, where lots of people team together to buy lots of a particular item or service, thus pushing down the price dramatically. You will find all kinds of stuff on Groupon from luxury spa breaks to cheap cup cakes. If you’re on a tight budget it can be a bit tempting to buy things you don’t really need on Groupon, so it’s very important that you’re disciplined about it.

Hot UK Deals

This is another deal hunting website where community members post up links to bargains they’ve found. Hot UK Deals is a really good place to find bargains on life’s essentials, as well as luxuries like PlayStations, TVs and so on. You’ll find all kinds of stuff on Hot UK Deals, and they even have a newsletter in place to keep you posted as and when new deals are put up! Remember it’s a case of fastest finger first with Hot UK Deals – most of the really good deals will sell out within a matter of minutes.

As well as lots of great deals you’ll also find a voucher code section on Hot UK Deals. It’s full of discount vouchers from restaurants to high street stores, it’s well worth checking out. My favourite vendor on there is Pizza Hut – I’ve not paid full price for a take out from Pizza Hut for over 5 years! They always have a 50% off Pizza Hut voucher on Hot UK Deals!

Money Saving Expert

This is a good website for all kinds of money saving tips, from discount codes and deals to financial advice – you’ll find a lot of sound information on MSE. Advice on MSE covers all bases, from repaying students loans early to which credit cards are the best for you to take out.

The MSE forum is also a good place to get advice on things you’re unsure of, and there’s also an area where users can post up discount codes for community members to use.

My Voucher Codes

This website is a great place for students, it’s possibly the biggest dedicated discount voucher site in the UK. You’ll find discount codes for retailers you didn’t even know existed – it’s full of them! You’ll also find codes and coupons for well known websites.

Never make a purchase online without first checking to see if My Voucher Codes have a coupon that you could use. The amount of money that you could save is pretty crazy. It’s not just money off vouchers that they offer either; they have coupons for free delivery, free gifts and other nice perks. and

These websites aren’t just for students, they’re for everyone. Anyone who’s serious about saving money online should definitely use these sites. They both offer cash back on purchases that you make, they work with hundreds of different websites including many popular sites like Asda, eBay, Tesco and Vodafone.

As well as cash back deals, these website occasionally carry some pretty neat discount vouchers for the retailers that they work with. You can use these sites whether you’re a student or not – so even when you’ve graduated you can continue to receive cash back on your online purchases.

If you know of a great student money saving website why not tell us about it? Make sure you bookmark these websites on your task bar for future reference. Before you go ordering your groceries online next, or before you buy a contents insurance policy, make sure that you double check to see whether or not there’s cash back or money off coupons on one of these sites.

Are these sites worth it?

The answer to this question is a big fat yes! From a personal perspective since I started using these websites I can honestly say I rarely pay full price for anything when shopping online. There is almost always a discount code knocking around, no matter what retailer you’re shopping with.

Printable vouchers are quickly becoming obsolete, but every now and then they do pop up. You’ll get everything from a free bottle of pop to 50p off a bag of chips when using a printed coupon, so they’re not to be sniffed at!

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