Student Jobs 2012

So you’re a hard-up student looking to earn some money. Here are a few ideas that you can use to make money whilst you’re at university:

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Get a part time job!

A part time job is probably the most common way in which student tend to earn money. The drawbacks of a part time job are far out-weighed by the advantages of having one – just make sure that it doesn’t infringe upon your studies.

Looking for a part time job is really easy – ask around the local bars and pubs, or even your local fast food restaurant if you don’t mind flipping a few burgers. The question isn’t whether there’s a part time job out there for you, the question is, will you be willing to do that job?

Remember that when exams roll around you need to have a job where your manager is understanding. A part time job is something you’ll only be doing during uni in order to help make ends meet, and in order to earn some beer money. You don’t want to be working crazy long hours and not having enough time to revise, resulting in you failing your uni exams. Attending university isn’t cheap – and messing everything up for the sake of a part time job is unnecessary. Make sure you tell your employer you’re a student when you first apply so they know the deal.

Work online

An increasing number of students have started to work online through sites like Elance and Guru. There’s nothing wrong with working online and it can be very rewarding. What’s particularly great about working online is that you’re your own boss, and you can work the hours that you want. So whilst your friends might not be able to go out partying every Saturday night because they’ve got work, if you  schedule your online tasks around your partying schedule, you’ll never miss a night out!

Getting work online can be a bit hit and miss, so it’s essential that you immerse yourself in a world of applying for jobs non-stop so that you’ve always got something to be working on. Remember to treat repeat clients like royalty too – that way they’ll come back again and again to use your services.

Market research, mystery shopping & medical trials

There’s lots of money to be made through filling out market research questionnaires and participating in medical trials. Of course these ways of making money aren’t always a constant stream of revenue, so these may be things you look into on top of a part time job, or some online work.

Mystery shopping is a good way to earn some money, but again your assignments can be few and far between. That said if you sign up with a mystery shopping firm like GAPBuster, you’ll be entitled to a stream of free food from the likes of KFC, McDonald’s and Subway, and you’ll also get paid for your efforts.

There are many different ways in which students can make money during university – you don’t necessarily have to have a job. Remember that your education and studies should always come first – you’ve gone to university to learn and to become highly qualified in your chosen field – not to spend every spare minute working only to fail your exams at the end of it.

If you can afford to live off the grants and loans you’ve been awarded then that’s great. But if you find sitting around drinking all evening a bit boring, or you want to start getting some savings stashed away, getting a job is a fantastic idea.

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