Understanding How Mobile Phone Insurance Works!

As a student it’s very important that you look into mobile phone insurance.

If you have one of those expensive smartphones like an iPhone or a Blackberry, you should definitely look into insuring your device. The fact is that these phones can cost hundreds of pounds to replace, so if yours gets damaged or goes missing, you could be faced with a huge bill that you probably can’t afford.

Contract phones should be placed under insurance

Generally if you lose or break your phone whilst it’s still under a contract, the company will still charge you. They’re running a business and they will be very unsympathetic towards you. Remember you don’t necessarily have to settle for mobile phone insurance from your mobile phone network provider – typically there will be much cheaper deals out there from third party insurance firms. One of the other things to remember is that mobile phone networks don’t actually under write the insurance policies themselves – instead they work on a referral basis and receive a commission from companies if people take the policy out with them.

Where to find mobile insurance?

You can either go into the shop from which you bought your mobile phone, or you can search through the price comparison websites. These include:

  • Comparethemarket.com
  • Moneysupermarket.com
  • Gocompare.com

They all offer quotes and comparisons on mobile phone insurance, and they all lay each policy out side by side so you can see what is and isn’t included with each.

Things to look for in a mobile insurance policy

It’s absolutely essential that you check out exactly what is and isn’t included in your policy. The very cheapest mobile insurance policies out there only offer cover against damage to your phone – and that cover may only be valid if it’s accidental damage. Going for the very cheapest mobile phone insurance policy is not a good idea – because often it gives you little more cover than you get from the manufacturer’s warranty anyway.

You need to sit down and think carefully about what cover you need: if you’re likely to be out partying every night then you should probably opt for a policy that comes with cover for lost or stolen phones, and accidental damage. Although adding on these options may cost you a few pounds extra per month, it may be worth it if your phone is especially valuable.

There are some things you can’t compensate for…

That’s right – there are things in life that you can’t compensate for like memories. If you’re taking photos and videos on your mobile phone then it’s always a good idea to back it up regularly – so that if your phone does go missing or get broken, you’ve got files from which you can restore it to its previous state. Backing up a phone might sound like a lot of hassle, and if that’s the case for you, you should definitely look into using a cloud storage service like Apple’s iCloud – which backs up your phone automatically for you.

Mobile phone insurance should not be overlooked, because it’s very important. Just think for a minute how your life would be affected if your mobile phone got lost or damaged. How would you call your friends and family? How will you listen to music on the bus? Mobile phones are becoming more and more important, so insure yours before it’s too late!

Those of you who took the time to seek a specialist student account may well have found that mobile phone insurance was included as a perk. If this is the case you should double check the level of cover included lost or stolen phones.