Student Insurance 2012/13

Compare the Best Student Insurance Deals!

When it comes to being a student it’s very important that you take out insurance that covers you belongings against damage, theft or loss.

Things like laptops and mobile phones don’t come cheap, and they do tend to go missing or get broken at university. Instead of facing the prospect of a large bill to buy a new gadget, or a huge sum of money to get it repaired, make sure you take out student insurance.

Here’s a short list of the different types of insurance that you might encounter as a student:

Tips for Choosing Student Insurance Cover

Although a lot of these forms of cover may seem like an unnecessary expense to you, they all come with their merits in their own right. In order to get the very best deal on insurance, you can use some of the following price comparison websites:


Price comparison sites are really handy when it comes to obtaining insurance because they place various different products side by side, allowing you to compare and contrast them, and ultimately choose which insurance product is the best for you. Don’t forget that these comparison sites tend to earn a commission when they refer you for a policy, so make sure you dig deep in the results they churn out because the best deal for you may not always sit at the top.

You should make some allowance within your budget for the various different types of insurance that you will need.

Car insurance

This one is pretty self explanatory – and it’s not just students who need car insurance. If you plan on driving whilst you’re at university you must have car insurance. Although no specific policies exist for students, there are some policies out there that cater for young drivers. These policies impose curfews on your driving activities, but ultimately they work out a lot cheaper than traditional policies. Driving tends to be very expensive – so make sure you can afford to do it. If not, most university cities tend to boast solid public transport which will get you from A to B anyway.

Home insurance

If you’re not staying in student digs and you’re planning on renting a house with some friends, you need to check what insurance is covered in your rent, and what isn’t. Typically landlords will cover building insurance, whilst you’ll have to foot the bill for contents insurance.

Contents insurance

This is the insurance policy that looks after all of your possessions whilst they’re in your home or student accommodation. Things like TVs, laptops and other valuable belongings are all covered by this policy, so it’s imperative that you have one! Contents insurance isn’t particularly expensive and it can be a life-saver if you do get broken into.

Mobile phone insurance

Those flashy smartphones don’t come cheap – which is why you should look into getting mobile phone insurance. Remember some student bank accounts offer free mobile phone insurance, so don’t go out of your way to insure your phone twice. You should definitely take a few minutes to establish whether your phone is insured, and if it’s not, you need to insure it.

Gadget insurance

Lots of expensive gadgets like laptops and tablet computers should really be insured. If they get damaged or lost whilst you’re out and about you can usually claim for the cost of them on gadget insurance. This form of insurance is totally optional, but can prove to be very worthwhile.