Best iPhone & iPad Insurance Deals for Students in 2012

Author: Category: Product Reviews and Comparisons Date: 27th September, 2012

Smartphones and tablet computers are hot property right now. Everyone wants one – they’re ridiculously expensive, and they’re a prime target for thieves. Therefore it’s extremely important that you insure your smartphone and tablet computer just in case something goes wrong or it gets stolen. There are many different insurance policies on the market, but here’s a small selection:

Top Three iPhone Policies for Students in 2012

Protect your Bubble: They offer an iPhone insurance policy that costs £5.39 per month with an excess of £50. This is a high level policy but loss is not something that it covers – the max cover on this policy is £1,000.

My Gadget Buddy: This company is offering iPhone insurance from as little as £3.99 per month (depending on which version of the iPhone you have). Again they cover all damage and thefts but they do not cover the loss of your iPhone. Max cover on this policy is £1,000 with an excess of £50.

Insure My Mobile Phone: At just £5.95 per month this policy is fully comprehensive and will cover you against the loss, damage or theft of your iPhone. The max cover is £750, whilst the excess is £50.

Top Three iPad Policies in 2012

Protect your Bubble: From just £4.88 per month you can insure your iPad with Protect your Bubble. Loss is not covered by this policy, the excess is just £50 and the max cover is £700. The actual premium per month will vary depending on the model of iPad you have.

Gadget Cover: From £4.99 per month gadget cover will insure your iPad. Their excess is £40 and the max cover value is £700. Again this policy does not include accidental loss.

Insurance 2 Go: This company will insure your iPad from £4.49 per month. They do not cover accidental loss or any faults that occur with the device. The excess figure is £25.

It’s important that you go through the small print included with any policy before you take it out, just to ensure that it includes all of the cover that you think you’re getting. Some mobile phone insurance policies out there tend to be little more than a glorified warranty. Be sure to trawl the fine print to check you’re covered against problems like theft and damage to the phone or tablet.

It’s well worth spending a few pounds per month insuring your phone or tablet. That way if it gets lost or broken you can rest assured it’ll be fixed or replaced at someone else’s expense. The worst possible feeling is knowing you’ve got to see out a 24 month contract with no iPhone to show for it – or having to foot a bill of several hundred pounds to get your iPad fixed.

One small note to make on the topic of Apple products is that they offer a good warranty service. If your iPhone or iPad develops a fault, just book into your local Apple store to see an Apple Genius. The Genius will then be able to tell you what the fault is and if the phone is repairable – if the fault occurred through normal use and your phone is still under warranty Apple Geniuses will often replace your device completely free. If the phone or tablet has been damaged as a result of being dropped or immersed in water they may still swap it out for a new one for you – but you’ll have to pay a fee (this usually starts at £120 for phones, and may be considerably more for tablets).

Make sure you get insurance cover for your iPhone and iPad – but at the same time know your rights in regards to warranties. One thing you may want to consider instead of separate policies for your gadgets is a multi-cover policy that will cover all of your gadgets including your netbook or laptop. A growing number of companies are now starting to offer these multi-cover policies, so shop around to see what’s out there!