Best All-in-one TV, Broadband and Phone Deals

Author: Category: Making Money Date: 27th September, 2012

As a student it’s important that you save as much money as possible – a great way in which you can make some substantial savings on your everyday bills is to take out a combine TV, broadband and phone package. Instead of getting your TV package from Sky, your broadband from Be and your phone line from BT, if you take out all three services with the same company there are mega savings to be made.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media offer a large selection of different all-in-one packages – there’s certain to be one there for everyone. Before you go getting your hopes up about getting a brilliant deal with Virgin Media, just bear in mind that their services aren’t available to everyone – if your university accommodation is not on the country’s cable network, you won’t be able to benefit from Virgin Media’s service.

At present they’re offering six months half price on the majority of their all round packages – these start at just £9 for six months, then £18 thereafter. On an 18 month contract that averages out at just £15 per month. This package is called the Classic Package. For that you’ll get:

  • 30Mb fibre optic broadband
  • 500GB TiVo box with 58 channels & HD capability
  • Unlimited weekend calls to landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers

Don’t forget that on top of this £15 per month, you need to pay £13.90 per month line rental, and a £49.95 installation fee at the start of the contract.

The next package up that Virgin Media offer is called the Essential Collection – this package costs £12.50 per month for the first six months, then £25 per month for the 12 months thereafter. This package comes with free installation (saving you £49.95), and comes with an extra 25 channels compared to the Classic package.

It’s very much a case of checking out the different packages that Virgin Media offer, and picking the one that best fits your needs.


With Sky you can very much build your own package based on your interests. If you’re a big movie buff then you can get access to the Sky Movies channels – if you’re not fussed about movies but you love watching football on a Saturday afternoon, it’s probably worth you getting the Sky Sports channels. If you like both movies and football you can get the movies and sports pack (it won’t be cheap though!). You can compare and contrast the different packages offered and the costs involved by using Sky’s own website.

At present the best all round package that Sky are doing is £39 per month. For this you’ll get 20Mb broadband with unlimited downloads (a fair usage policy does apply though), free evening and weekend calls on the phone, and also a basic Sky TV subscription. If there are five of you living in your student house, that works out at just £7.8 per month for a good internet connection and a host of decent TV channels. Sky are also offering a free box and free installation with this deal – installation and the box itself normally cost upwards of £100 when taking out a Sky package.

The main downside to Sky is that they enforce a minimum 12 month contract policy. This is not exclusive to Sky though and Virgin Media enforce an even longer minimum contract – so you’ll have to take it on the chin and just pay for those months when you’re not around. Remember it’s only £7.80 per month anyway if there are five or more people living in your house.


BT offer a really good deal for students too – their prices for all-in-one packages start at just £32.75. For this you’ll get broadband, phone and also their BT Vision TV box.

The broadband connection offered by BT is up to 16Mb download speeds, but it does come with a cap of 40GB per month. Like with Sky, you’ll receive free weekend and evening calls on this BT package. The BT Vision TV package includes the box itself, and 54 essential channels for you to watch.

What’s really good about BT is the fact that you get a free Home Hub (which is the BT router), and you also get a free BT Vision box. On top of this, you’ll get access to the BT Openzone network, which includes thousands of different locations around the UK where you can logon to a wifi connection, absolutely free! BT Openzone costs £39 per month on it’s own – so it’s a fantastic extra to have in this package.

For £32.75 you really can’t go wrong – just remember any evening or weekend calls will be added on top of the £32.75 – and any channels you take on BT Vision beyond the standard 54 channel package.

About these Deals

These deals are the best all-in-one packages you’re likely to find. Just remember that a lot of companies offer various offers throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled for them. Also keep a look out for promotional vouchers – these can give you 50% off for 12 months, free installation and some other perks. Don’t forget to purchase your all-in-one package through a cash back website like Quidco or Topcashback too – these sites offer several hundred pounds cash back on certain packages!

One final thing to bear in mind is that if you’re staying in your student accommodation for the duration of your time at university, once your initial contract expires don’t keep on paying full price. Either shop around again for another deal – or call the retentions department of the provider you’re currently with. Tell them you’re planning on leaving and they’ll throw all kinds of deals at you – I personally got 50% off the top Sky package for 12 months thanks to a retentions offer.