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Learn more about StudentMoney.co.uk and our Team!

StudentMoney.co.uk is a student money advice and price comparison website for students.

Our website was launched in May 2012 and aims to be the No.1 student money advice and comparison website for students currently at University.

We know we’re not the first “student money” or “student vouchers” to break into the market or anything, but we do feel we’ve got something to bring to the table.  With student debt in the UK and University tuition fees higher then ever, we wanted to provide some more ways for students to learn how they can save money at University and make the right financial decisions.

What does StudentMoney.co.uk Offer?

Our website offers a range of interesting articles for starting University, how to manage your budget correctly, stay out of debt and saving money as a student.

Our writers and editors literally spends hours every day finding interesting topics to write about so if you know any others then feel free to get back to us!  We also write about the top student accounts, graduate banking, student jobs, cv tips, insurance deals and how to save money on your bills.

Please bear in mind that our site is still very new (only 3-4 months old) and we have much more content to add.  In the future, we aim to add panoply of features to our site such as a student forum, student deals, improved comparison software and an improved social media campaign.

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Meet Our Team and Editors

Our team at StudentMoney.co.uk includes a number of rapacious, hungry editors and writers.  All of us are ex-students and have plenty of experience being short pocketed at University.

  • Nick W – Nick is the lead editor and journalist at StudentMoney.co.uk.  He also writes many of the “top-lists” on our site. Nick’s had plenty of experience writing for top UK newspapers and even runs his own ecommerce business online as an entrepreneur.
  • Nadia T – Nadia has been a professional freelance writer for more then four years and covers many of the news stories and articles on our site.
  • Adam G – Adam is the founder of StudentMoney.co.uk and our sister site StudentBanking.co.uk.  He co-ordinates most of the news topics, negotiates deals with advertisers and is in charge of the bulk of brand marketing.