If you’re wondering which university out there produces the most employable students you’re in luck, because we’ve put a breakdown in this blog post! So, without further ado:

  1. The School of Pharmacy: they produce the most employable students with an incredible 100% of graduates going on to find employments after graduating.
  2. Central School of Speech and Drama: a massive 98.3% of students who graduate from this institution go on to employment.
  3. Royal College of Music: 98% of graduates from this university go on to find employment.
  4. The University of Surrey: 96.9% of their students go on to find employment.
  5. The Royal Academy of Music: 96.7% of students go on to employment.

It may also be useful for you to know about the courses that produce the most employable students, they are:

  1. Medicine, dentistry & veterinary science: 99.3% of students go on to employment.
  2. Education: 95.2% of students go on to find employment.
  3. Subjects closely related to medicine: 95% go on to employment.
  4. Law: 93.3% of students go on to be employed.
  5. Biological sciences: 90.6% of students go on to find employment.

There’s certainly a lot of food for thought in these figures; just because your course or university isn’t listed doesn‘t mean that you won’t go on to employment. Likewise just because your course of university is listed in these breakdowns doesn’t mean that you’ll have job offers raining into your lap. It’s up to you as a graduate to get out there, get your name about and make people want to employ you!

Making yourself employable

There’s only so much that your university can do for you, a lot of the work involved with getting a job can be done by you, and you only. You need to put yourself out there, get work experience at relevant firms, you need to be eager, and you need to spend hours on end looking for jobs and applying for them. Lots of universities put on graduation fairs – it’s a good idea to attend these. A lot of universities also offer n depth careers advice with specialist careers advisers in your chosen field.

Some universities even offer CV workshops, as well as practice job interviews. You might think that you’re better off going down to the pub to watch the football with your friends, but the fact is that you need to spend time working on interview technique prior to the real thing.

With more and more students attending universities, employers have become a little spoilt for choice. This means that to be employed you really need to make yourself stand out to an employer. You need to make it so your CV pretty much jumps off the page at them and yells “hey, look at me!”. If your CV doesn’t command attention, you won’t get very far. In the past students obtaining higher degrees were almost guaranteed jobs; this is no longer the case. Companies don’t look exclusively at your academic achievements; they also look at your work experience and previous employment. They want to see a desire to work, a desire to succeed in your chosen industry. They want to employ people with that bit between their teeth who will go on to receive lots of promotions and recognitions for the hard work they put in.

By all means take note of the universities that produce the most employable students, but don’t forget that you need to hold up your end of the bargain and show motivation and desire to seek employment once you have graduated.